Sexy MTV reality show on Mykonos banned from Ibiza because it was… tacky! (vids)

The Greek island of Mykonos is the setting for the latest reality program by MTV that was banned from Ibiza. Magnolia TV started filming “Mykonos Shore” that revolves around the antics of a group of friends on holiday for a month.

No sooner did the reality stars arrive on the island that they quickly got into the action. Wearing a navy hat, one of the stars was swayed by the seductive music and began taking off their bras… And that’s just for the first episode!


Mykonos local authorities hope that the MTV series will promote the island, however the reality series was banned from Ibisa after businesses revolted against the program that they considered to be tacky and woud convey the wrong image of an island trying to escape from its “drugs and sex” reputation.

10,000 people signed an online petition telling MTV that it would not be welcomed in Ibisa. Mykonos however is all up for the party.


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