Greece’s sexiest vet experiences …’rear view’ wardrobe malfunction

A “wardrobe malfunction” that revealed a model’s … “full moon” at a fashion show in the northern city of Thessaloniki caused a stir on the Greek-language portion of social media this week, with the well-shaped protagonist actually a local veterinarian!

The alternative fashion show took place on the city’s seafront, with the everyday local people serving as the models, and with the attire created from various non-cloth materials. Memou outfit was made out of wood!

For vet Irini Memou, the event was an effort to support the work of her cousin, professional purse designer Marianna Vythoulka. The result was “tons of support” in the form of widespread publicity.

“I aim to show my backside to the public. It happened without by accident, and I was quite embarrassed. It put me in a difficult position when I saw the pictures on the Internet and the publicity that the affair generated. My inexperience in this type of work caused these types of photographs to circulate, which unfortunately, overshadowed the purpose of the event. The message of the fashion show was recycling in our life and recyclable materials,” Memou told

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