Man calls Varoufakis ‘’ on French TV show (vid)

Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis was a guest on French satirical TV show ‘Petit Journal’ to promote his new book, entitled ‘Another world is possible’.

We do not know whether his decision to appear on that show was the wisest as he apparently is not fluent in French, while the live audience knew little English.

The result was that the ‘erratic Marxist’ was unable to ‘catch’ jokes and innuendos during the program.

In the video below we see one of the show’s associates presenting Varoufakis’ book to pedestrians, and asking their opinions about him. Some of the reactions he gets include the more favorable ‘he is sexy’, ‘talented’, ‘insightful’, ‘a biker’, to the not so positive phrases, like ‘he is a controversial politician and does not inspire trust’, ‘overrated’, ‘he burnt us’, ‘he was dumb’ and ‘he went up against the whole world (and lost?)’.

A young man did not hesitate to call him a ‘malakas’ (the Greek word for wanker) in the 6th minute of the video. Varoufakis said he had regretted the ‘Paris Match’ magazine photoshoot, which had caused some criticism.


Yánis Varoufákis – Le Petit Journal du 28/09

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