Charlotte prances around naked in Greece and confesses her sins in sacrilege (cringe-worthy vid)

Charlotte Crosby, the reality star from MTV’s Geordie Shore, had some interesting thoughts on Greece, the land of philosophy and democracy. She gives audiences a sneak preview of the next instalment of the show: Geordie Shore: The Greek Odyssey, that kicks off on October 20, by stating, “When you’re in Greece you know you’re gonna get up to all kinds of things.”

She turns to the icons and begins to confess her “sins” in what can be considered sacrilege. “Jesus and his friend, I constantly fart and make people have to inhale my horrible odors,” she says. “I get so drunk I can’t stand and my housemates have to carry me out of clubs and bars. I’m sorry for my sins.” But is she?
“You prance naked through the gardens and then you stop, and you hide, because people may see your body in all it’s naked glory.”

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