See which Kardashian family member posed naked

The naked photos of Kim Kardashian is certainly not a new thing. We are used to see her posing naked, we have seen her naked and painted with silver color, naked with a glass of champagne, naked in the bed, naked in the sea.

However, the new sensual photograph does not belong to her, but to her sister, Kourtney, who posed naked for photographer Brian Bown Smith.

The photo of the 36-year-old celebrity will not be included in a magazine cover, but it will be included in Brian Bown Smith’s exhibition which will take place in October in De Re Gallery in Los Angeles. The artist prefers to get the models undressed and take photos of them, since, as he says, in that way he exposes modern society and explores topics such as sexuality and uniformity.

The reality TV star, Kourtney, had posed for him in the past while being pregnant to her son Reigh.

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