Tragedy! Santorini donkey tramples German tourist to death (pics)

Susan Chopin, aged 67, met her tragic death on the isle of Santorini after a donkey started running by itself up the pathway that leads from the old port of Fira to the main town overlooking the Caldera. Sources state that the German woman was touring on a cruise trip around Greece with her husband and another couple.

The four tourists decided to go up the steps by foot. Witnesses say that the donkey bolted towards the four tourists, hit the woman and trampled her to death. The same witnesses say that the donkey’s owner chased behind the donkey but was unable to prevent the accident.

The husband is in shock, unable to fathom the situation. The couple had just celebrated the woman’s birthday the day before and was to have traveled to Mykonos on Thursday. The man, disillusioned, despite the presence of a psychologist was held by his friends while entering the cruise ship in a state of shock holding his wife’s jewelry and watch in his hands.

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