Greek student becomes youngest person ever to create a life-sized robot humanoid (pics)

Greek High School student Dimitris Hatzis, aged 15, created a life-sized robot humanoid using a 3D printer. The student from Kavala, northern Greece, created the robot as part of the “InMoov” project, an open source platform.

Hatzis, was able to construct the robot using the platform that is centered around the development of a man-sized robot humanoid. Like others on the project, he was ablee to access instructions from the platform and share his project. Success came for the student after a year of daily work.

Only six people in the world, including Hatzis, have been able to complete the task. The Greek student is the youngest. Other successful candidates are the original designer of the robot, Frenchman Gael Langevin, two Russians, an Italian and a German.

Hatzis noted that he has been in contact with the other scientists involved on the project. They may be older but he regards them as his peers. He noted that each scientist involved on the project is able to contribute something new to the project, a work in progress.







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