Greece isn’t just about bikinis… It’s a kickass skiing destination! (vid)

Greek-American filmmaker (Costas Papanikolaou) C.P. goes on an adventure to make a movie about skiing and snowboarding in the country of Greece.

Here’s a sneak peak of the film… but the director needs your support to help get the film across the finish line.


When most people think of Greece, they think of islands and beaches. But Greece is 80% mountains, and it’s one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.

Greece also has a serious winter. And it snows….a lot!

The Opportunity

Greece has ski areas, but they are small with outdated facilities. Billions of dollars are required to bring them up to par. Fixing these ski areas to make them competitive is unrealistic.

But, there’s a big trend occurring right now in skiing. It’s called touring. With this type of skiing you climb up the mountain using your own power. Right now, ski touring and splitboarding, the snowboard form of it, are the fastest growing segment of the winter sports industry.

And Greece is the perfect place for both!

The Film

The essentials are there. All that’s needed is some promotion. That’s where this project comes in. Because there’s no better way to market skiing and snowboarding than with a great film.

It’s not just action and music. There’s a story that ties it all together. Not only will you drool on some epic footage, you’ll gain some insight into the people and culture of Greece as well.

This Kickstarter

Filming is complete, and I just finished the first draft. I’ve been able to get this far because it’s been just me working on it. But I’ve reached a point where I cannot go any further on my own.

    Here’s what needs to be done:
  • Final Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Additional Footage
  • Musical Score
  • Sound Mixing
  • Color Finishing
  • Artwork for Poster
  • Movie Trailer

The fundraising goal of $75,000 is the minimum I need to get the film completed.

I chose to do this project on my own, without any sponsors, because I wanted to keep it 100% Made in Greece. There’s no giant corporation behind me and, with the “crisis,” the Greek government is too broke to do anything. The success of this campaign is critical.


Like the film itself, all the rewards are 100% Greek. Everything is made inside the country. So the money you contribute won’t just go to the film, it’ll also go to small businesses in Greece.

Hand knit wool beanies from Karpenisi, Greece. Each beanie comes labeled, in the 3 styles/colors pictured, your choice.

T-Shirts and Hoodies will be designed by Dimitris Liossis. Dimitris was one of the first guys to strap on a snowboard in Greece, 25 years ago. Now he’s a renowned artist based in Athens.

T-Shirts come in all sizes printed the “Frozen Ambrosia” design. Choice of 3 colors: Forest Green, Stone Grey, Sea Blue. 100% cotton, Made in Greece.

Greek mountain tea is brewed from the Sideritis plant. In ancient times, soldiers used Sideritis to heal their wounds and rejuvenate their bodies after combat. It’s the original energy drink.

Donations of $75 and more (USA and Greece only) will receive complimentary 17oz cans of Tuvunu.

Join up with WayOut Adventures this winter and learn to ski tour and splitboard. No backcountry experience required. Only intermediate ski/snowboarding skills. Three options. 2/5-7/2016 at Vermio-Pigadia, 2/5-7/2016 at Parnassos, and 2/12-14/2016 in Karpenisi.

Touring Clinics with WayOut Adventures. Package includes 2 days/2 nights, food accommodation, and 2 full day lessons.

Together with WayOut Adventures, I’ll be hosting a 4 day expedition up Mt Olympos, the mountain of the gods. This is for advanced skiers/snowboarders with touring experience. Basic mountaineering skills recommended. 5000ft vertical ascent. Big, but worth every step!

Mt. OIympos Expedition. 3/31 to 4/4/2016. 4 Days/4 Nights. Hosted by me, C.P.!

Risks and challenges

There isn’t any risk as far as the filmmaking goes. The footage is incredible and there’s a strong story line to tie it all together. What’s left is final editing, musical composition, and finishing details.

The big risk is the idea itself. Creating a new tourism industry in the middle of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression is not simple. Fortunately, ski touring and splitboarding in Greece don’t require big investment in infrastructure, and already, despite the crisis, an industry is developing to serve the market. But these new businesses are in the infant stage and they need support. The more people that see this film, the greater the chances for their success.

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