A solid turnout gathers at Syntagma Square (pics + vid)

The Athens center has shut down due to three different protest rallies organized. Traffic has ground to a standstill in central regions so that protestors could make their way to Greek Parliament. They gathered in thousands in what so far looks to be a peaceful protest.

Tourists hoping to visit archeological sites disappointed

No rail transport

The General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Civil Servants Confederation (ADEDY) are holding rallies at Klafthmonos Square at 11 a.m. In its announcement, GSEE points to the 24-hour strike action as the “mother of battles” against the new (bailout) measures that undermine Greek society’s standard of living.

The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) is hosting gatherings around the country at 10.30 a.m.: Omonoia Square in Athens, Venizelos Statue in Thessaloniki, Georgious Square in Patra and there will be dozens of other rallies being held by the organization around Greece.

In Athens, the PAME rally is in full swing with protestors heading to Greek Parliament.

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