Hungary Ready to Build Fence on Border with Romania if Needed

Hungary is ready to erect another barrier on its borders to deter a flow of migrants, this time on the border with Romania, a senior official has said.

"We are ready and capable of setting up yet another border fence within a short period of time," Janos Lazar, chief of staff to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said at a news conference on Thursday, according to

Hungary has already sealed off its borders with Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia to stem a migrant influx not seen since WWII. 

Lazar said that building another razor-wire fence on the country's border with Romania should only be a measure of last resort but he made clear that the government plans to do so if necessary.

Hungary "does not need immigrants and neither does Europe. This is the official Hungarian position," Lazar said.

On November 11 Slovenia started building a 80-kilometer, razor-wire fence on its border with Croatia to control the influx of tens of thousands of migrants and refugees arriving along the so-called Balkan route via Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, despite repeated EU assertions that barriers and walls are not an answer.


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