Two Palestinian attackers killed as civilians intervene

Israeli paramilitary police officers stand guard at the scene of what police said was an attempted ramming attack near the West Bank Jewish settlement of Kfar Adumim November 22, 2015. REUTERS photo

Two Palestinians attacked Israelis with knives and a car in the West Bank Nov. 22 and were killed when civilians and security forces intervened, the latest in a nearly two-month wave of violence.

No Israelis were reported seriously wounded in the two attacks, which occurred after the violence had shown signs of subsiding last week before a new series of assaults began Nov. 19.
Sunday's first attack saw a Palestinian woman who tried to stab an Israeli run over by a Jewish settler then shot dead by soldiers.
The Israeli military said in a statement that the attack occurred at a junction south of Nablus, adding that "forces and a bystander responded to the immediate threat, shooting the attacker".
Palestinian security officials confirmed she had died of her wounds. The attack occurred in an area known to Israelis as Samaria Junction and to Palestinians as Hawwara Junction.
A Jewish settler in the area, Gershon Mesika, said he hit the assailant with his car before a soldier shot her.
"I saw a terrorist running after a child... and I saw her holding a knife," he told army radio.
"I broke to the right and hit her full-speed with the car. She fell and then a soldier came and finished the job."  

The army did not confirm who the attacker was targeting.
Later, a Palestinian driving a taxi attempted to ram into civilians and charged at them with a knife before being shot dead, police said.
"A Palestinian man at Kfar Adumim junction in a Palestinian taxi tried to run over civilians," a statement said.
"When he failed he exited the car with a knife and attempted to stab. The terrorist was shot by a civilian and died of his wounds."  


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