Athens International Airport invites the world to “Speak AΘenian!” (vid)

The Athens International Airport’s previous campaign that promoted Athens was such a success that more of the same is offered through a new campaign aimed at promoting Athens as an international destination in 2016. This time, the campaign is titled “Speak AΘenian. Be an AΘenian”. AIA CEO Yiannis Paraschis presented a sneak peak at the campaign during the AIA’s 3rd Airport Chief Executives’ Symposium (ACES – Athens) as part of a series of initiatives.

“Continuing on the success of the City Pair initiative and the “Perhaψ You’re an Aθenian too” campaign, this year we invite travellers to express themselves like modern Athenians combining in a fancy way some well-established Greek classical terms and ideals with contemporary international language,”he said of the campaign to be launched over the coming weeks.

Last year’s campaign:

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