Greek ‘queen of prints’ awarded at British Fashion Awards

Mary Katrantzou, the Greek designer and queen of prints, won New Establishment Designer award at the British Fashion Awards held on November 23, 2015 in London.

The 32-year-old fashion designer continues to winning fashion awards, whereas many Hollywood stars trust her and choose her creations. From Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington to Elizabeth Banks, Beyonce, Riana and Nicole Kidman, women in Hollywood choose her designs.

Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Alessandro Michele of Gucci and Stella McCartney were among the winners of the British Fashion Awards.

She has also receives great reviews from the French Vogue, while she also won the Breakthrough designer award at Women of The Year held by of Harper’s Bazaar

“When I started, prints were specific in the fashion industry. People wore floral or geometric shapes, but they didn’t use to wear a bottle of perfume, for example,” she said.

The Greek designer was the first to implement this innovation presenting clothes with brightly colored prints on the whole surface of the fabric.




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