Times study sends Greeks wild over cheese sex: Twitter buzzes with #tyropita!

The Times report to a reported study that found that Greek students sell their bodies for tyropita (a type of layered cheese puff pastry) went wild on social media even after professor Gregory Lazos denied the article.

Greeks viewed the erroneous reportage with good humor and without underestimating the value of the mouth-watering humble tyropita.

– Hi, I’d like a #tyropita.

– We have #tyropita kourou, village variety, in a pan and tyropita for students.

– Rumor has it that men from now on will say: You’re my little cheese puff (tyropitaki).

The question isn’t whether girls are soliciting for a #tyropita but whether they are cutting receipts.

– Mum, I’m out of here. I’m going on a date.

– Take your tyropita.

He bought a tyropita to work. He was handed a summons for sexual harrassment. What type of girl do you think I am? For a tyropita?

Sex Shop #tyropita

Mr. Stefanos invites us to the bakery with the Spaliaras (man who boasted about having been with 4000 women) look and said. Do you understand?

Thankfully, I had my mother sending me my tyropites while I was a student. We don’t kid with these things!

When I go to Mr. Vasilis tomorrow, this is how I’ll look. I’ll ask for a #tyropita.

Yes, here, I put a #tyropita in the oven and I’m waiting for love to come.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the bakery’s are shut so Greek women have a day off.

Stupid idiots. It was the Brits who said that we sell our bodies for a tyropita. To heck with it, I thought someone serious said it.

They say that women solicit for a tyropita, but it’s not true. It’s Zambonokaseropita they want.

We asked 100 Greek women: For which pita (pastry) would you sell your body for?

Did they get the details about Greek women from Spaliaras? If that’s the case, then I believe them.

Brits talk about #tyropita. Brits? You don’t even need to be the Time of Londons to see what British girls get up to in summer.

– How are your finances?

– Forget it, we’ve turned to tyropita.

Did you get a tyropita or hylopita? (Hylopita is another type of pie that also means rejection)

In the past it used to be lipstick on the color. Now its tyropita.

– She’s a tough girl.

– How much?

– Around 30-40 tyropita pies.

My passion for bougatsa saved me from the prostitution of tyropita.

– I have a Mercedes. Do you want to go for a ride?

– Do you have tyropita?

– No.

– Then I’m not coming!

Do you have kourou (type of tyropita)?


Here in Northern Greece we sell ourselves for KASEROPITA not tyropita.

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