Turkish Provocation! Two Turkish vessels between Lesbos and Chios

Just a few days following the provocative flight of six Turkish military jets over four Greek islands, Turkey is violating Greek territorial waters yet again. The Turkish hydrographic plane is on a mission between the islands of Lesbos and Chios accompanied by the Turkish corvette ship, Bodrum.

Sources from the Greek Ministry of Defense state that it is moving at a slow speed and has raised the suspicions of the Greek side regarding its motives. The Turkish ship appears to be on a reconnoitering mission on international waters it is in an area over the Greek shelf. Under international law, to begin seismographic or other work on the seabed, the Turkish ship should have received permission from the Greek side.

The Greek military is on alert due to the fact that no permission has been requested and on account of the fact that the research vessel is accompanied by a corvette warship. The two Turkish vessels have been moving around the region since Friday.
Greek gunship Aitittos is discreetly monitoring their movements.

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