Albanian Opposition Fined for Protest Damage

The municipality of Tirana is demanding damages from the opposition Democratic Party for damaging state institutions and a bunker in Tuesday's protest.

The municipality said it sought 118,000 euros for damage caused in the different parts of the city during the violent unrest.

If the fine is not paid within 30 days, the municipality said it has the right to block the main opposition party's bank accounts.

The fine includes the estimated costs of paying municipal workers to clean up the mess, repair broken and cracked pavements, damaged trees and clean streets damaged by urination.

The fine, which is the first ever to be inflicted on a party for a protest, angered opposition representatives who called it ridiculous on social media.

Police on Wednesday meanwhile said they had started a criminal investigation against ten people in connection with Tuesday's opposition protest.

Among others, the police have charged the organizational secretary of the Democratic Party, Enno Bozdo, for organizing and taking part in the manifestations.

The chairman of National Union of Formerly Persecuted people, Besim Ndregjoni is also charged for publicly inciting illicit acts.

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, on Wednesday said people had every right to protest against a bad government.

"Stones were not part of our scenario. I'm proud there was no violence against the police and I thank all those people who joined our call to protest against their irresponsible government," he said.

Asked if the party would pay the fine to Tirana municipality, Basha said they would not. "We are going to give the municipality a cucumber," he jested.

The opposition leader also said that the protests would continue as would acts of...

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