Dimitra Liani: I am the only Papandreou who did not take advantage of Andreas

“Andreas died and left the party to unworthy successors” Dimitra Liani writes in her book “Orgi tou Andrea!” (“The Rage of Andreas!”) published by Livani publications clarifying, as she said to protothema.gr, that this is a political book reflecting the rage of Andreas and his clear policy.

The book also reveals Andrea’s arguments and unknown events and situations that had never been published and is not referred to Liani’s personal moments with Andreas Papandreou and after his death, since this was not her intention, as she explains.

“I did not write about what I had gone through twenty years ago without Andreas, a whole new book should be written on this,” Dimitra Liani says.

Dimitra Liani, though, expressed her complaint on those who after the death of Papandreou turned their back on her saying that very few people cared about her and they were also people who ‘fought’ her because they wanted a share in power.

She also talks about former Greek Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou calling him twofaced and incapable of self-criticism, whereas she responded indirectly to Andreas Papandreou’s ex-wife Margarita saying that “I think I am the only Papandreou who has never used Andreas to present myself in public office and get special treatment. I remained politically too modest and humble, during all those years”.

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