Montenegro Gays March for More LGBT Rights

Gay activists took the streets of Montenegro's capital Podgorica on Sunday in a parade demanding rights granted to sexual minorities - and others rights still out of reach - to be implemented by the Montenegrin authorities.

LGBT organizations called for same-sex marriage, reducing the level of homophobia and transphobia and creating conditions for the start of developing LGBTIQ community in Montenegro.

The protesters carried rainbow flags and banners "Freedom everywhere" and "Homophobia in four walls"

The organizers said that they want to parade to become an annual event that will fight for the rights of LGBT people in Montenegro.

The NGO organizing the parade, Queer Montenegro, said it had decided to change the route from the one used during the previous two years.

It is essential that the parade pass through the streets of Podgorica, the NGO said, not just the centre of the capital. - See more at:

"Today we showed everybody in Montenegro we are not different from others," Daniel Kalezic, from Queer Montenegro, said.

Activist Stevan Milovojevic said he hopes all LGBT citizens are welcome to hold a pride parade in all towns in Montenegro, not just in the capital Podgorica. Read more.

The Pride was originally planned for October 18 but was put on hold due to weeks of opposition protest rallies against the government of Milo Djukanovic, which turned violent on October 24.

The Montenegrin capital Podgorica was under tight security on Sunday ahead of the Gay Pride parade, the third in a row since the event was marred by violence in 2013.

Hundreds of riot police officers were deployed in the city centre in the downtown area in Podgorica, where streets have been closed to traffic...

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