Jediism, the new religion, and George Lucas is the prophet (vid)

A Jedi Church was spawned from the Star Wars series. The religion received press coverage following an international e-mail campaign in 2001 that urged people to write “Jedi” in response to their religion classificaiton on their country’s census. The majority were assumed to have claimed the faith as a joke, but there was enough of a rise to put Jediism on the map of world religions.

Jedi followers follow the 16 teachings based on the presentation of the fictional Jedi as well as 21 maxims.

Now, the religion is once again in the spotlight, thanks to the premiere of “The Force Awakens”. Disillusioned by other religions, Star Wars fans are espousing the beliefs of the film.

In April 2015, sutdents of Dokuz Eylul University in Turkey started a petition on demanding a Jedi temple be created on campus.


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