Meet the Greek woman who survived Dubai hotel fire

Famous Greek model Gina Mamaki was in Dubai on New Year’s Eve spending her Christmas vacation when fire broke out on the 13th floor of the luxury hotel in Dubai where she was staying.

“I’m still shocked by what happened,” she told Espresso newspaper adding: “It was shortly after 21:00 and I was in my room with my friends getting ready for New Year’s Eve, when suddenly we saw smoke in our room”.

“We went crazy. I ran to the window and I realized that the hotel was burning. I could almost see the flames coming up. It was horrible. And the worst is that the fire alarms did not sound, “says Gina.

“We went down 29 floors using the stairs and exit the burning building. The only thing I took with me was my mobile phone. At that moment I did not think to even take my bag with ll my papers. The apartment room was burned, as well as all my stuff from expensive dresses to my passport, “explained the beautiful model.

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