Women in Finland buy sex from minor migrants

Elderly women in Finland are believed to have given money to minor migrants for having sex with them, as local newspaper Inta-Sanomat wrote, citing claims of an instructor at an asylum center.

Taina Cederström, who is an instructor at a local asylum center, told the newspaper that there are several cases of women who attempted to buy sex from minor migrants at the Helsinki railway station offering them €20.

The employees at the center found out about the case when they saw the refugee minors having enough money to buy cigarettes and other things and started wondering where they got the money. Also, questions asked by the boys regarding the sexual behavior of women in the country also raised their suspicions.

“One boy once asked, if it’s the case in Finland, that women are allowed to kiss whenever they want.” said an employee to the newspaper.

Taina Cederström said that she did not remember anything like that happening in Finland before.

Moreover, on Thursday Finnish newspapers reported another sex scandal between a female Red Cross worker and an asylum seeker.

The head of the Finnish Red Cross, Pekka Annala, said that sexual relations between the workers of the organization and asylum seekers were not allowed and added that case was an “internal affair” and immigration authorities would not intervene in the investigation.

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