'Good political relations may effect economic cooperation,' Iranian envoy says

Iran's ambassador to Turkey, Ali Reza Bikdeli, has given his assessment on both the Iranian economy and the future of Turkey-Iran cooperation in the fields of economy, energy and trade after the removal of U.N.-led sanctions on the country, in an interview with the Hürriyet Daily News. While acknowledging that Turkish companies may participate in oil and natural gas projects worth $300 billion in the new era of the Iranian economy, the envoy underlined the importance of keeping good bilateral relations to further enhance economic bilateral cooperation.

Here is an excerpt from the interview with Ambassador Bikdeli: 

How do you evaluate the reactions coming from Turkey after the removal of sanctions?
We have been receiving congratulatory messages from different segments of the Turkish society, not only from official institutions but also from ordinary men on the street. And we are delighted by this. The removal of sanctions is a world-wide development. And Turkey has a share in this achievement. We carried out some negotiations in Istanbul. Turkey contributed to the process by both facilitating the negotiations and lending assistance to Iranians under embargo. We will never forget this. We are grateful to you. 

What is the amount of cash money to be transferred to Iran as the blockages are removed?
This (amount) is more than $100 billion. This is the cash amount belonging to Iran whose transfer was prohibited because of sanctions. As part of a plan by the Iranian government, the amount of money to be transferred in the first phase will be $30 billion. We had received a part of this money before the implementation of the action plan but the whole amount to be transferred is more than $100 billion. 

What areas will the Iranian...

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