Shocking revelation: Doctor draws up sex contract for his sex slave

The Swedish doctor, who was arrested for kidnapping and keeping a woman as a sex slave in his home-made dungeon, had drawn up a sex contract for her.

Police found the contract on Martin Trenneborg’s computer after he was arrested, when he and the victim went to a police station aiming to stop the search for her.

The contract reveals he intended to keep her locked for about ten years in the bunker he had built on his remote farm in southern Sweden.

Martin Trenneborg had made a list of demands for his victim, including that she gives him a ‘girlfriend experience’ when they had sex, as Daily Mail mentions.

He also demanded that she shaves her bodyhair, gets a tan and pierces her navel, and allows him to film and photograph her, while he outlined ways the victim could get ‘discounts’ on her time in the bunker by performing degrading sex acts.

Searching Trenneborg’s computer police also found an internet history full of degrading and violent porn, as well as documents showing that he had made a research for at least ten women before choosing this woman who was eventually his victim.

Doctor takes woman hostage in Fritzl bunkeer.. Ongoing construction of the toilet inside the bunker.
Pictures Swedish Police Handout

‘It was like a military operation, you have to be prepared for every possible problem before you act’, he told police.

‘She fitted me in every aspect, lived at the right place on the ground floor, our personalities matched and I liked the way she looked’.

‘I have been planning this for years. I started building the bunker four years ago.

‘The original plan was that she would be there for years. It had seemed very tedious to do all this just to keep her in my possession for a few days.’

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