Was she wearing a mini skirt?

Enough, this is enough. At this point, words fail. But this barbarity, this perversion, does not seem to fail. There is a new femicide every day; there is a new rape every day.

It was only last weekend when a 19-year-old girl was raped near Ba?dat Street, a prestigious street on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and the street by which she lived. 

You must have read it in the papers. The victim had dinner with her friends in Kad?köy. At the end of the evening, she took a dolmu? (the Turkish-style collective taxi) from Kad?köy to Bostanc?. She got off the dolmu? and started walking home when she realized somebody was following her.   

When she turned onto her own street, the attacker, with a knife in his hand, covered the girl's mouth with his other hand and threatened, "If you make a sound I will riddle you." He raped her in a backyard.
This is not happening in a far-away place; this is happening right next to where we live.

The president and the prime minister issue a statement on every matter; somehow, they have been quiet on this matter. 

The family minister has been talking about the Özgecan bill, named after university student Özgecan Aslan, who was raped and killed by a minibus driver in the southern province of Mersin on her way home from school last year, but nothing is happening. 

Several doubts come to one's mind: Can it be that they think, "This is the destiny of being a woman in Turkey?" Are they trying to say, "Well, they should not have been born a woman?"

Column after column, article after article, we are writing but nothing happens. 

Moreover, shameless men in this country held a survey on Twitter. The question: "What kind of fun was this 'girl' having at 3:00 in the...

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