Insta-love! Marriage at first sight… couple weds before they meet (pics)

Californian mother-of-three Erica Harris married the man of her dreams, New Yorker Arte Vann only seconds after meeting him for the first time in person at Ontario Airport. Their chance encounter happened on Instagram and their entire relationship unfolded on social media after Erica came across his Instagram profile.

The couple’s love affair took place with likes and follows since March last year. It was so intense that Vann bought a one-way plane ticket to Ontario International Airport on Friday and married her within seconds of their meeting.

Days later, they do not regret their choice and say they are madly in love…. still!

Harris calls their meeting on Friday an ‘insta-engagement’ and an ‘insta-wedding’. She invited CBS News to film the event as a gift to her new mother-in-law, who was unable to attend.

The couple have since canceled their Instagram pages to state that they are both married to the love of their lives.




After the wedding, Harris and Vann left the airport to begin their lives together as husband and wife.

Vann has quit his job in New York to live with the mother-of-three… happily ever after!


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