Sakellaridis: They say I’m getting married in NY… Grandiose! (pics + vid)

The former Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) government spokesman Gabriel Sakellaridis says he is “laughing” at ludicrous publications that want him “married” to an unnamed man that isn’t described but is pictured to be the Harvard-educated Panagiotis Angelopoulos, the lefty son of powerful businesswoman Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki.

Much has been made about the friendship of the two men who were brought closer together due to their mutual political ideology. Many speak of an unusual friendship that developed during SYRIZA’s rise to power, but sealed by the fact that both were against the party’s move towards a bailout.

Together they were seen frequenting Athens bars and restaurants alone or with a group of friends, including Angelopoulos’ girlfriend. These ‘outings’ were misinterpreted by a portion of the press that spoke of the two preparing a same-sex partnership agreement in New York.

The rumours came days after other publications that confirmed a relationship between journalist Rania Tzima and Gabriel Sakellaridis since last summer.

Sakellaridis was outraged by the publication and took to social media.

He wrote:

“I understand that there are far more serious matters of concern to people, but there are some times when you read things about yourself that make you laugh at first before you realise that something is going wrong. I have chosen to resign as deputy and not speak to the Mass Media, but I read that I work in London and hang out with people I’ve never met and another series of make-believe stories.

Then I learn that I’m getting married in New York. Grandiose!

Though names aren’t mentioned, there are descriptions in a particular way and a sprouting of blogs and plethora of ‘curious’ who also view this as an annoyance.

Viral ‘yellow journalism’ annoys me more for those around me. Even for those I’ve never met. I have no need to prove anything to anyone – regarding my personal life – and that’s why I’m not getting into the essence of ‘yellow’ publications.

I cannot tolerate, however, being targeted. And even more when this is done in such a way so as to incite the instincts of a ‘sensationalist audience.’ I have never been and refuse to become prey for the arena’s beasts. But really, what are the limits of some and how far can they go? I don’t believe that the press should be handled with legal action, because the industry of legal action is a scourge to free press. But the made-up yellow stories aren’t journalism, hence it goes without saying that the limits can be placed by justice.”

On her part, former Greek Parliament speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou congratulated Sakellaridis on his stand. Where else but on social media?

Zoe wrote:

“Congratulations, Gabriel, for sticking to your guns against the carnivorous yellow press that isn’t just media. “The most important thing is your soul”

Sakellaridis due to his looks, youth and passionate nature has drawn the attention of the media, and not always favorably. A couple of years ago a video emerged showing Sakellaridis performing sexual shenanigans with a carrot.

Here he is in backstage shoots during his campaign for Athens Mayor:

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