Could we live in underwater cities in the near future?

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has come up with an ambitious plan to build futuristic ocean skyscrapers made from 3D-printed plastic waste 1,000 meters below the water’s surface.

His water city is called Aequora and would be situated off the coast of Rio de Janerio. Its name comes from a type of jellyfish called aequorea victoria.

The structure would be made from recycled plastic removed from the ocean and would house 20,000 people, The Sun reports.

Moreover, living underwater would mean that we would need gill masks to breath, while food would come in the form of algae, plankton and mollusks and the vegetable gardens ‘farmscrapers’ would be grown on top of the structures.

As for the transport system, this would be powered by seaweed and the city would be running on renewable energy.

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