How this picture of Adele is connected with Thatcher?

The Internet has been going crazy over this upside down image of Adele.

The image is a seemingly mirrored version of the original, which is used as the cover art for her album “25.” But, if you look at the image upside down you’ll see something much more sinister looking, says Business Insider.

While the singer’s face has been flipped, her eyes and mouth are at the right way up, which has driven crazy many people in the Internet.

The illusion, though, is known as the Thatcher effect taking its name after the former British prime minister whose image was first used for the trick.

This effect highlights the fact that our brain cannot process an upside down face.

According to The Naked Scientists, our brains can recognize faces the right way up – eyes, mouth, nose. So when we are presented with an upside down image, we are not able to process it properly.

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