Der Standard: European leaders to announce the closing of the ‘Western Balkan route’

Austrian newspaper Der Standard revealed that European leaders are planning to announce the closing of the Western Balkan route at European Summit to be held on Monday.

The newspaper claims it has seen a draft of the communiqué which states that the Western Balkan route will immediately shut down and Europe will provide the necessary support to Greece to deal with the refugees and immigrants to be stuck in the country.

According to Der Standard, the draft of the communiqué includes a readmission agreement with Turkey for immigrants who do not qualify for asylum. Also, Europe will ask Turkey to participate directly and constructively in the control of EU external borders in the Aegean Sea.

Moreover, the draft states that the presence of Frontex in Greece will be enhanced, particularly at Greece borders with FYROM and Albania.

Among its responsibilities will be the proper functioning of the hotspots, where refugees will be registered and being prepared for their relocation to other European countries. EU countries should have done more than they have committed to do at this moment by April 1, as it is stated.

Europol will also participate in the process being also responsible for dismantling the trafficking.

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