Minister of Interior Kouroublis attends the 2nd National Peace Symposium

The 2nd National Peace Symposium 2016 was organised by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Greece in Titania Hotel, Athens on 4th March 2016 on the topic of Justice – Basic Requirement for Peace.

It was attended by Mr. Panaiotis Kouroublis, Minister of Interior & Administrative Reconstruction who commended the efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to organise an event focusing on the need of Peace through Justice in these difficult times.

The event was also attended by H.E Mr. Jan Bondy, the Ambassador of Czech Republic who also spoke about the importance of justice for the establishment of peace.

The Key-Note Speaker of the event was Sir Dr. Iftikhar A. Ayaz, Consul General of Tuvalu to United Kingdom. He presented the Islamic perspective on the topic of the event and highlighted the importance of justice for the establishment of lasting peace around the world.

Other speakers included Mr. Atta-Ul Naseer Imam & National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Greece, Mr. Namasankirtan Das President of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness, Ms. Polina Paspati of the Focolare Movement in Roman Catholics. The Saltvation Army, WAHA & Refugees Welcome in Greece were also presented Certificates of Appreciation for their humanitarian services in Greece.

Other distinguished attendees included Ms. Kallis Mitraka from the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Mufti of Dydimoteicho Mr. Memet Serif Damadoglou.

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