Turkish men try to have sex with wives’ belly button, says Turkish sex worker (pics+video)

In an interview to a BBC 3 reporter on the channel’s series ‘Sex in Strange Places’ a Turkish prostitute revealed how women were treated in Turkish society and the lack of sexual education within the Turkey. One of the prostitutes explains to the reporter how she taught men how to have intercourse correctly to stop them from harming their wives. Sex workers, whose profession is legal in Turkey, tell BBC reporter Stacey Dooley that they are afraid for their lives if their families find out what they are doing for a living. The truly amazing thing Dooley was told by one of the brave sex workers who talked to her was that men in Turkey are so clueless about sex that they believe the correct way for sexual intercourse is with their wives’ belly buttons! ‘Some people do not know which bit goes where’, says Hulya, who has been in the business since the age of 15. She told the BBC that the role played by prostitutes in the Turkish society is paramount and could prevent people getting killed, because of the high value placed on virginity and the possible consequences! ‘So for example, on the night of the marriage night a man forces himself into his wife’s belly button, if there is not blood he might think she is not a virgin and could kill her’. She says the sex workers’ role of educating young men of how to have sex prevents honor killings!


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