Bulgaria Should Count on EU Support for Border Protection - PM Borisov

R to L: Austrian Defense Minister Doskozil, Austrian Interior Minister Leitner, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova, Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev. Photo by GIS

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said the country should be able to count on support from the EU in border protecton just as any other "frontine state".

Borisov made his comments while meeting Austrian ministers of interior, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, and of defense and sports, Hans-Peter Doskozil, on Saturday (a workday in Bulgaria as a compensation for an extra holiday, Friday of last week, following the March 03 national Liberation Day).

He told Austrian ministers that Bulgaria had already informed the EU Commission of its needs with regard to a possible surge in migratory, pressure, the government's press office quotes him as saying.

Earlier this week Borisov announced Bulgaria would have certain conditions if an EU-Turkey deal on measures to stem the flow of migrants into Europe is to take effect. He then explained guarantees should be required that Turkey would not allow the formation of new migrant routes through its land borders with Bulgaria and Greece. Bulgarian authorities fear a hypothetical alternative route for migrants could appear through the country as the so-called "Western Balkans route" was virtually closed.

Borisov also assured the Austrian delegation Bulgaria was taking proactive measures to stand ready to react in case of a surge in the number of migrants, a tendency that in his words could not be observed as of the moment.

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