If you fear heights do not see these photos (pics)

Social media and selfies are two things that have become interwoven into the everyday fabric in our western culture! Some selfie fanatics go the the extremes to stand out from the rest, even endangering their lives get to take that one selfie on the top of a skyscraper or hanging of a tall bridge. Then there are the dare-devils called the ‘roof toppers’, who love the rush of taking photos from the most unimaginable places in the worlds. They will go to any lengths to satisfy their ‘addiction’ to danger and love of photography. One of them is Russian Ivan Semenov, and here are some of his crazy photos from Russia

1. Construction crane in Moscow

2. Moscow’s Miramax Plaza building approximately 240 meters high.


3. Victory mountain in Russia, 140 meters

4. Radio Tower in Russia is an abandoned structure, a staggering 350 meters

5. Red Gates Administrative building about 120 meters high

6. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

7. Miramax Plaza

8. Evolution Tower inMoscow

9. Edge of a roof at 100 meters

10. Moscow Triumph Palace, 277 meters

11. Apartment complexes

12. One `island East skyscraper, Hong Kong at 295 meters

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