A Greek city among the European cities you never thought to visit

The Greek city of Kalamata, Peloponesse, is among 13 European cities you never thought to visit – but really should – according to Telegraph.

“While our home continent is awash with celebrity capitals that have been endlessly dissected and devoured via a million mini-breaks – Paris and its gleaming avenues, Rome and its noble temples, Madrid and its party ambience – it is also a canvas for a slew of cities that are less appreciated, yet just as deserving of attention” the British newspaper mentions.

All the cities in this feature are the “overlooked, the undervisited. But each has something in common – good reasons to explore them, and at least one direct flight from the UK. The debate on the referendum on Britain’s EU membership may think it is dealing in firm, acknowledged facts, but Europe still has mysteries galore…”.

See the list with the 13 European cities you never thought to visit, but really should:

1. Genova, Italy

2. La Coruna, Spain

3. Linz, Austria

4. Stavanger, Norway

5. Leipzig, Germany

6. Kalamata

7. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

8. Charleroi, Belgium

9. Malmo, Sweden

10. Brno, Czech Republic

11. Basel, Switzerland

12. Espoo, Finland

13. Debrecen, Hungary

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