Flights at Brussels Airport to be Partially Restored on Sunday

Photo: EPA

Passenger flights at Zaventem airport are expected to be partially restored on Sunday for the first time after the terrorist attacks which took place on March 22.

This was announced by the CEO of the airport, Arnaud Feist, in a statement issued on Saturday. Feist thanked all airport staff for their efforts, expressing hope for the future of the airport.

Three passenger flights to Faro, Turin and Athens are scheduled to depart from the airport on Sunday, all of which operated by Brussels Airlines.

In the following days, the number of flights will be gradually increased to the maximum capacity of the temporary structures, which could service 800 departing passengers per hour.

Other airlines besides Brussels Airlines will also resume their flights in the coming days and passenger flights will also soon be able to land at the airport.

Departing passengers will be received in temporary constructions for check-in. Their route will proceed to the screening platform in the Connector Building, from where the normal routing of passengers will continue further.

Arriving passengers will follow the usual routing, collecting their luggage from the reclaim area and leaving via the arrival hall, which has sustained only slight damage and has since been repaired.

Demolition work to remove all damaged elements in the departure hall has started, which is to be followed by the hall's reconstruction.

At present, the airport is accessible only by car or taxi, with officials examining the possibility of restarting other means of transport.

Additional security measures are in force at the entrance to the airport area and at the check-in zone, with airport officials advising passengers to arrive at least three hours before the...

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