2nd best nudist beach in the world in Greece! (photos)

Public nudity is not something our society is very approving of, which is why those who prefer the ‘freedom’ of losing their clothes and enjoying the natural elements opt for nudist beaches. And the trend of nudist beaches is one the is catching on around the world. For any of you that feel comfortable in your bare skin here is a list of the best nudist beaches in the world, according to TheRich.com.

10. Wreck Beach-Vancouver, Canada    

9. Playa Las Suecas-Contadora island, Panama

8. Bellelvue Beach-Copenhagen, Denmark

7. Haulover Beach-Miami, Florida

6. Es Cavallet-Ibiza, Spain

5. Lokrum Island-Dubrovnik, Croatia

4. Playa El Agua-Margarita Island, Venezuela

3. Grande Saline-St. Barts

2. Plakia Beach-Crete, Greece

1. Le Centro Helio Marin-Montalivet, France

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