Beautiful rare photos of Greece in 1900-1930 (part 2)

Swiss photographer Fred Boissonnas was the first photographer who traveled so much in Greece for more than three decades taking pictures of Greek landscape and people in 1900-1930.

He traveled all over Greece, from Athens to Crete and Kalavryta to Epirus.

His work was innovative and defined the evolution of Greek photography in the 20th century, while through his photos he shows off Greece during the interwar period.

Thiseio, 1920

Omalos, Crete, 1911

Crete, 1911

Lakkoi, Crete 1911

Preveli, Crete, 1911

Meteora 1908

Fred Boissonnas, Meteora, 1908

Zemeno, Corinth, 1903

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