The world’s biggest nudist town has a nude bank and supermarket

Tourists from all over the world are flocking to a small French seaside town where nudity is mandatory.

The Village Naturiste at Cap d’Agde is a magnet for nudists and has facilities, such as a nude bank, hairdressers, opticians and supermarket.

It all started when the olive-growing Oltra family of Cap d’Agde suddenly found out in the 50s that their property was full with nude sunbathers and decided to get in action.

After becoming an official ‘nude’ designation, Oltra Club became a popular spot in the ’60s for nudist families from Germany and The Netherlands, says The Sun.

When some of the holiday-makers built houses there and started living in the area all year a whole town emerged.

By the 70s the French government was looking for ways to develop the coastline and had the brilliant idea of a naked tax.

Visitors to the Cap d’Adge pay £6 before passing the gate and take off their clothes.

In order to host all the visitors, a giant Heliopolis hotel was designed by architect Jean Le Couteur while rail and air links to the town were established with Germany, the UK, and Scandinavia to facilitate visitors.
Cap d’Agde became the only place in the world with a nude bank, nude hairdressers, nude opticians and a nude supermarket.

Moreover, on Cap d’Agde’s naturist beach the nudity is mandatory.

However, even though the town was founded by true believers in the non-sexualised naturist ideal, there are critics claiming that the town has now become a magnet for libertines and swingers.

The centre of the giant Heliopolis was originally a family park, but was taken down in 2005 to make way for bars and nightclubs, including a “couples only” swinging establishment, as The Sun reports.

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