Serbian, Hungarian PMs Jointly Open Factory in Vojvodina

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic and Hungary's Viktor Orban officially opened a new Hungarian-owned factory in Subotica in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina. The province is home to a significant ethnic Hungarian community.

Vucic, in the midst of an election campaign, which he is expected to win, said Serbia's economic growth was being powered by higher exports and he hoped for more investment from Hungary.

"The creation of as many small and medium businesses as possible is important for Serbia because it creates new workplaces and a secure tax base," Vucic said.

Orban thanked Vucic for welcoming the latest investment from a Hungarian company, which "will employ talented and hardworking Serbian workers", he said.

"This is a brave step towards securing prosperity for Serbia and Hungary and it is good for Europe as well," Orban said, adding that Hungary wants to see Serbia become a successful member of the European Union.

"Several years ago, nobody would give Serbia a dime because the country was 'knocked down', but it has managed to pick itself up and join the neighbouring countries thanks to good management and a successful and brave policy," Orban said.

The Hungarian leader added that warm relations between the two countries did not appear overnight and had required hard work from both ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina and a clear strategy from Serbia.

"If the two governments do not think good cooperation is important, good economic and industrial results will not follow," Orban said.

"Hungary does not limit us or blackmail us. We never forget our true friends," Vucic responded.

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