Bulgaria's Socialist Leader Lashes Out at 1-Day Contracts

File photo, BGNES

One-day contracts introduced for agricultural work contravene labor legislation, the head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) said on Sunday.

Mihail Mikov made his remarks at a rally celebrating May 01, the international Labor Day, in the capital Sofia.

Bulgaria introduced last summer amendments to the Labor Code allowing a person to sign a one-day contract for seasonal agricultural work that does not count as labor experience, but carries ful insurance.

The opposition, of which the BSP is part, maintains the move is yet another way to exploit labor in agriculture, accusing minister Ivaylo Kalfin (whose leftist ABV party backs the government) of failing to hold on to its values.

Mikov said on Sunday that one-day contracts were yet another example of workers' rights being clamped down throughout Europe in the past three decades

The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) quotes him as telling supporters and party officials that, while Bulgarian workers produce just 2.5 times less output than the one of an EU worker "on average", they get 4.5 times lower salaries.

Mikov's words come shortly before a congress of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is due next Sunday that will elect a new party leader.

The incumbent is also running for another term, but key party officials back lawmaker Korneliya Ninova as a successor they say could bring about change.


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