Festival on a journey to 'change perspectives' about borders

The fourth Changing Perspectives Festival (ICPSFF), organized by Katadrom Arts Cultural and Politics Association and their international team, will start on May 5 in Istanbul.

The festival will focus on the theme of "borders," emphasizing hybrid, global issues, cultural encounters, minority rights and social justice, a timely choice as the future of millions of Syrian refugees and others from other conflict-hit parts of the world is being discussed by all, both in the political realm and on a more individual level. 

The ICPSFF will feature 95 short-films from 47 countries, divided in 10 sections and 3 different venues for screenings. It will provide a wide spectrum of short films from all over of the world, along with Q&A's with directors and workshops. All events are free of charge and all of the films were carefully selected to provoke and expand horizons.

The films cover a large range of topics, seeking to blend life-changing experiences, strong characters, deep insights on unknown places and worlds, circles of past and future, different visions of childhood and its meanings, animations and documentaries that question reality and truth. The festival has been divided into the following sections: "Border," "Cultural Insights," "Exchange Experience," "Hybrid Sensation," "Kaleidoscope," "Purple Portraits," "Ridicule," "So Far," "So Close," "Spooky" and Swerve Away.

As a travelling festival, Changing Perspective Selections already migrated to places such as Tallinn, Madrid, Oldenburg, Sofia, Klagenfurt, Luneburg and Copenhagen. 

After Istanbul, the "Welcome to Stay- International Refugee Congress" will be held in June at Leipzig. 

Though the festival features a large variety of countries' films and film makers,...

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