Kozarev: Do not discriminate against Kosovo-Metohija Serbs

GORA - There is no need to discriminate against citizens in Kosovo-Metohija who have passports issued by the Coordination Administration of the Serbian Interior Ministry, Dusan Kozarev, deputy head of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija, said Friday after the European Commission proposed lifting visa requirements for travellers from Kosovo.

With the "Schengen White List"  announced for travel documents issued by the Pristina authorities, it is completely logical that holders of Serbian documents and passports in Kosovo-Metohija should not be discriminated against, Kozarev told reporters in the Gora municipality, Kosovo-Metohija.

Passports issued to citizens in Kosovo-Metohija through the Belgrade-based Coordination Administration were practically a form of protection and a guarantee provided by Serbia to the EU, which previously did not see Kosovo...

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