Macedonia's President Partially Revokes Amnesty in Wiretapping Affair

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov on Friday moved to scrap the amnesty of nearly half of the 56 people who had been facing proceedings in a wiretapping affair.

With a decree signed by Ivanov, the decisin is applied to 22 of those involved, all politically exposed people, according to Utrinski vesnik.

It was the blanket amnesty that triggered protests across the country, resulting in a postponement of the early elections that had been scheduled for June 05.

Amnesty of others who were pardoned on April 12 could be annulled in case they submit requests demanding the step, Ivanov told journalists.

"I wish that no-one should doubt it. No politician is above the low. No politician is untouchable. To the contrary, every one will be responsible for their deeds," MIA news agency quotes him as saying.

His move left the main political parties divided, with ruling VMRO-DPMNE welcoming it and opposition socialist SDSM party, who had already declared their position against it, called for the parole to be completely reversed.

EU and US officials described it as unacceptable, urging Ivanov to fully scrap the amnesty.

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