Bad weather hits Greece

Storms, high winds and whirlwinds are sweeping across Epirus, Thessaly and Peloponnese.
The last 2 days were very difficult for residents in western Greece, since their homes were put in danger by the floods.
In Igoumenitsa, a 36 year old mother of two almost fell in a stream when her car was drifted by a flow, while roads in the region are turned into rivers.
Problems were also caused in the road network of Sivota, Perdika and Parga. In Perdika, heavy rain caused flooding on the roads, which led to serious damages to cars and public property.
Damages were also recorded in Ilia. Winds blew in the region and caused detriments on roofs and paddocks.
The Fire Department is on call, since they have already responded to 150 cases for pumping water. The biggest problem is observed in Pyrgos and Amaliada.
Heavy rain also closed roads and caused structural damage in Volos.
Forecasters are predicting a warmer weather within the next days.

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