Čeferin brings hope of better things to come - even for our economy

Aleksander Čeferin (Photo: Anže Malovrh, STA)

At the time, you could also make the statement that Slovenia is a virtual non-factor in the world or indeed, the European economy or politics. The only difference is that Slovenia still remains in a state of virtual anonymity. But is all that about to change?

Investors will come

Čeferin seems to think so: "Me being President of UEFA shows that Slovenians are capable of big accomplishments, although we are too often riddled with self-doubt." Čeferin didn't doubt himself on his way to one the biggest achievements for a Slovenian sports official, ever. He doesn't doubt himself now, or the better times ahead for his homeland. "UEFA is one of the biggest European organisations, with great products, a huge capital base and power. A Slovenian at the head of UEFA means more foreign companies will become interested in Slovenia...

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