Turkey expects AWACS approval by Germany after lifting İncirlik veto

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Turkey is expecting Germany's parliament to approve the deployment of surveillance aircraft to support an international coalition's fight against jihadists in Syria following the resolution of a months-long crisis between Ankara and Berlin over the latter's request to let its lawmakers visit German troops at İncirlik Air Base.

A team consisting of six members of the Bundestag's Defense Committee will pay a two-day visit to Turkey and hold talks with their counterparts at the Turkish Parliament's Defense Committee on Oct. 4 before flying to İncirlik, which currently hosts 300 German soldiers, six Tornado surveillance aircraft and one tanker aircraft. 

"The visit of German authorities to İncirlik is within the framework of inspecting German troops stationed at the base," Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş told reporters following a cabinet meeting on Oct. 3. 

"The decision for their visit was made in line with our bilateral agreements with Germany," Kurtulmuş said.

German Ambassador Martin Erdmann confirmed the visit of German lawmakers to İncirlik Base in an interview with NTV on Oct. 3.  

Turkey blocked Germany's request for a visit to İncirlik after the Bundestag recognized the killings of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Empire in 1915 as genocide in early June. The problem could only be resolved after the German government said the decision taken by the parliament was not binding. 

A meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in early September in China on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit constituted the key venue in removing the obstacles between the two sides. 

Ball now in Germany's court

However, having lifted its blockage on...

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