Bulgaria's Trade with Third Countries Dipped in Jan-Aug

File photo, BGNES

Both exports and imports of Bulgaria to third countries fell in the first eight months of this year, compared to the same period of 2015, statistics show.

Exports amounted to BGN 9.5161 B. The main trade partners included Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, China, Russia, and the United States, accounting for 49.7% of the exports to non-EU countries.

The strongest growth for that period was in exports of "Miscellaneous manufactured articles" (25.0%), while the most notable fall was in "Beverages and tobacco" (27.5%), according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI).

In August alone, exports to third countries rose by 0.9%, compared to the same month of the previous year, adding up to BGN 1.2288 B.

Imports from third countries went down 12.5% compared to the respective period of last year, reaching BGN 10.8921 B at CIF prices. Russia, Turkey, China and Ukraine were the non-EU countries from which the largest amounts of goods were imported.

Compared to the corresponding period of 2015, the largest growth was posted in imports of "Miscellaneous manufactured articles" (19.1%), according to the Standard International Trade Classification. The most notable fall was observed in "Crude materials, inedible (except fuel)", at 35.8%.

In August 2016, the Bulgarian imports from third countries rose by 14.3% in comparison with July 2015 and amounted to BGN 1.6478 B.

The foreign trade balance of Bulgaria (export FOB - import CIF) with third countries in the period January - August 2016 was negative and added up to BGN 1.4698 B. At FOB/FOB prices (after elimination of transport and insurance costs on imports) the trade balance was also negative and amounted to BGN 0.5836 B.

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