Greek artist uses female butts as paint brushes (photos)

We have probably all seen the human body used as a painting canvas for artists to express their creativity with their brushes. This Greeks artist came up with a better idea, by using the reverse concept. He uses female asses as his ‘painting brush’ to create works of art! Charis Lithos, captures the curves of his sexy models on paper, wooden and other surfaces. The artist does not only use the posterior as his tool of creativity, but other parts of the human body too, like feet and even genitals. He paints over the area of the body he wants to use as a tool, then guides the model on to the desired surface, where she uses her “brush” to leave print of her butt. “I try to find something unique in every person I work with”, the artist says. “The female butt my most favourite part of the human body”, he admits.



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