Visegrad Four: North Stream 2 Is Politically, Economically Unsound


The Visegrad Four (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) finds North Stream 2 politically and economically unsound, stated on Saturday Polish President Andrzej Duda at a press conference at the end of the second day of the summit, reported bTV.

"We talked about North Stream 2. On this issue, the position of our countries is unequivocal. All Presidents emphasise the lack of economic grounds for this investment," said Duda. According to him, the investment is of political nature.

"The implementation of the project will disrupt the construction of an effective Energy Union," added Duda. He commented that North Stream 2 will have a negative effect on the process of diversification of energy sources in the EU and create new channels of dependence on deliveries of Russian gas.

"It is important to connect all corridors, all gas pipelines, so that our countries are united, so that we can send gas delivered to Poland in different directions," added the President of Slovakia Kiska.


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