Serbia: Large number of migrants carry body lice which can transmit Typhus

BELGRADE - In large number of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in reception centers in Serbia, a greater presence of body lice was noticed, which normally transmit Typhus and trench fever.

The Institute for Public Health "Batut" said that in the transit-reception centers and centers for asylum all preventive and anti-epidemic measures have been taken in order to prevent the spreading of body lice and prevention of occurrence of new cases.

"In accordance with the information received from the relevant institutes, "Batut" registers cases of occurrence of body lice in a number of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in centers for asylum Sid, Belgrade, Presevo and Subotica," says the statement from "Batut" institute.

Body lice are smaller than hair lice, they feed on human body, preferably neck and shoulders.

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